Matrix is powered by a Microchip PIC16C54C and has a 4-dip bank

where did you get the price?
by Egi charges $30. I don't know how much we (Dye) charge but if it's $40 I'll have a look into it.

If you want to make your own the parts are made by JST ( The housing part number is ZHR-4 and the part #'s for the crimps you can use are SZH-002T-P0.5 or SZH-003T-P0.5

You would need a crimping tool to make good connections though.

Hope this helps.


Will 'FlipFlops' Roberson added the following info:

Solenoid Manufacturer: SMC
Part #: VQZ1151K-9G-X86
Power and Solenoid Socket Manufacturer: AMP
Series: HPI (High Performance Interconnects)
Right Angle Header, 4 pin
Part #: 440055-4
Receptacle, 4 pin
Part #: 440129-4
Contacts for the receptacle
Part #:  440132-1
Trigger Switch Manufacturer: Omron
Part #: D2F-01L-A
Tactile Momentary Power Switch Manufacturer: ALPS
Part #: SKHHNH
Microchip: PIC16C505
This is all off the latest revision from Generation-E for a pushbutton LED Matrix.  I know older markers used different solenoids and chips, so you may want to specify this on your website if you get the time.

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 12:25 pm Post subject: Technical information on matrix air volume and consumption..


for those who are interested, I thought I would post some research I've done on the matrix image bolt air volume and consumption.

first off, I measured all the dimensions of an image bolt kit. being that it is fairly more complex than other spool valve designs (the shocker) it took a bit of time, but I'm happy with the results.

I added up the internal volume of the sleeve, and the holes in the bolt stop. then I subtracted the volume taken up by the top hat and the small stem part of the bolt. it is not perfect, but I believe it to be fairly close, taking into consideration where the bolt is positioned when the air is released.

this amount came out to be approx. 1.222 cu. in.

then I calculated the bolt sails force factor. subtracting the area of the bolt from the area of the sail leaves a force factor of .146 this is slightly higher than the shocker evolve bolt(.138) and more than you're common cocker ram(3/8" bore ram has a force factor of .11)

I calculated the stroke length of the bolt to be .96" smaller than the most common paintgun length of 1" even.

for air consumption estimates, I used 170 psi for the operating psi, and 80 psi for the bolt cylinder. the numbers will of course be different for different pressures.

the firing chamber, or dump chamber holds approx. 15.1 cu in of air, when filled to 170 psi

the bolt cylinder consumes a little over 1.82 cu in of air when operated at 80 psi. I know that it is a bit more because of the air wasted in the channels around the "beer can" or cylinder.

so that's about 16.92 cu in of air at standard atmospheric pressure (calculated @ 60 degrees F)

this number could be used to calculate the max number of shots possible from a tank, but I have no way of measuring the residual pressure of the firing chamber, if there is any to speak of.

but if calculated as is, that would be a possble max of 1074 off of a 68/4500 tank filled exactly to 4500. (68/4500 tank holds 19008 cu in of air, minus the the 840 cu. in. that cannot be used-the last 170 psi)

now for the interesing part.
I calculated the expansion of the air before is contacts the ball. basically it has to fill part of the inside of the top hat, and then fill the 3 plus inches of bolt. this area of expansion is approx .862 cu. in.
this means that by the time the air contacts the ball, it is at about 95 psi.
it has lost alot of energy by that time.

now these numbers will be different for different bolts and different input pressures, but it is just to get an idea of what is used by the marker and what the pressure is by the time it reaches the ball.

I'm interested in comparing these numbers with the latest, greatest bolt kits available for the matrix.