I'm not dead yet.

Blimey, 5 months without an update!  While I haven’t done as much on various projects as I’d hoped, slight progress is underway on the rotary phase converter and other sundry topics.  On Sunday I did a bit of milling for a customer on a Phantom trigger frame.  While I generally point people in the direction of Ken at KPCS whenever I’m asked about doing custom paintball gun work, once in a while I’ll take on a simple project if it interests me.

Ball end milling on a CCI frame

This was nothing fancy, but it was the first time I had actually tried it.  I wish I could say that I did everything on the fly by eye, but I drew it up in SolidWorks first.  This actually was good, as it allowed me to determine the best depth of cut on the area right behind the trigger, and more importantly, I was able to give the customer a screenshot of what it would look like before actually making chips.

2 thoughts on “I'm not dead yet.”

  1. Nice, clean, simple… and completely stolen! Was the same milling Lee did on his ‘signature series’ guns, and I shamelessly copied it…

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