Vibratory Deburrer Counterweight

Chuck requested pics of the underside of the vibratory deburrer to show the counterweight.  The underside actually doesn’t show very much, just the motor bolted flat to the lower plate:

Boring the big hole through 1/4" steel plate wasn't exactly fun. Boring bars do NOT like interrupted cuts (I drilled a bunch of small holes through to knock out most of the material before switching to the boring head).

The real story is here, between the two plates:

Counterweight on the motor shaft

The counterweight started as just a hunk of aluminum, but in my quest to get more vibe out of the system, I bolted a hunk of stainless onto it as well.  I’m thinking of switching to a belt driven counterweight of some sort so that I can have less wear and tear on the motor bearings and also vary the speed and amplitude of the vibration more easily.

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