Jeppesen TechStar Flight Computer Manual

Recently a friend gave me their duffel bag of old student pilot training materials (they kept their log book – hopefully they might pick up training again at some point!) and among the various old books, binders, and brick-a-brac was this gem:

It’s an old handheld flight computer, and not the ‘whiz wheel’ E6B circular slide rule we’re accustomed to, but an actual electronic flight calculator. I had been pondering getting one for my knowledge test just because there’s a handful of cross-country planning questions that require you to work backwards on the E6B from the standard “set wind direction, mark wind speed, set course, etc.” process, and it’s pretty confusing. Whereas with an electronic flight computer, you key in what you know and the magic silicon pixies do the rest for you.

For a 26-year-old device, it still does handily, but it seems like nobody out on the webernets has a manual for it (searches turn up a load of spam links). Fortunately, I found the manual tucked into a pocket, so I scanned it and am posting it here for others to hopefully find:

4 thoughts on “Jeppesen TechStar Flight Computer Manual”

  1. Ich habe das Teilchen von meinem Freund geschenkt bekommen, incl. Handbuch und Kurzanleitung (als PDF, vermutlich von hier runtergeladen). Leider sind meine englischen Sprachkenntnisse nicht so perfekt, sodass es mühsam ist, sich durch das Manual durchzuarbeiten. Daher meine Frage, ob es möglich ist, noch eine PDF-Datei zu erstellen, aus der die Texte zwecks Übersetzungen kopiert werden können? (Es gibt solche Formate, bei denen ich so verfahren konnte und was mir sehr nützlich war.)
    Für ein Feedback vielen Dank im Voraus!

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a full version of Adobe Acrobat, which I think is needed to to OCR conversions of scanned pages. However, it looks like there are some sites that can OCR scanned .pdf files, like this one:

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