Halo tech

Manike writes:
You can tune a halo for more speed. There are two important areas to look into. The spring tension which is the time to load each individual ball, and the motor speed which is the max consistant BPS governed by the rotations of the drive mechanism.

Firstly take a look at the electric motor. The brushes are basicly the little metal tabs that the wires are soldered onto. I have heard of better aftermarket motors from the RC world which help, but you can do better things with the stock motor.

When putting the motor into the housing do NOT bend the tabs in, the best results seem to be with the tabs as far out as possible that stll allow the motor to slide into the housing.

You can check for your motor speed by hooking it up and listening to how it runs. You want it to immediately hit full speed. Some come on and then speed up after a bit of time, and some don't sound so fast. Often by bending the tabs you can hear a difference in speed.

Next you can get more force on the ball stack by modifying the drive spring. DON'T just wind it twice, this can actually cause binding and be bad. The best results seem to be from cutting approx 1/4 turn off the spring and then bending out a new wire tab.

If you can get your hands on a set of springs and mod them by varying amounts to get the best results. Don't mess with the springs if you do not have spares, as you can end up putting too much force out for brittle paint...

Check which spring you have. At one point their spring manufacturer gave them stainless springs which are not as good as the piano wire ones. If you have a shiney spring that's the bad version. You want the dull piano wire version.

Make sure the drive cone isn't binding. DO NOT over tighten the screws that hold the motor casing and gearbox cover together. If you do they can stick up a little and drag on the bottom of the drive cone. You may not notice any difference without paint but the weight of the paint can push the cone down a little making it bind.

Also bend out the ball detent with the beads on it so that it sits as far away from the outlet and more towards the spring as possible.

Oh and get Z-code. It is faster.

If by doing all of that you still want to go faster... then you can also maching up slightly larger diameter drive pulleys to go on the motor. Don't go too crazy though.

Err... That's about it for now. let us know how it turns out.